Study of colour – the main component of interior design creation

The lecture “Talk about colour” became a uniting event both for beginners and for practicing designers. Oksana Motorna is a decorator, designer, florist, founder of Oksana Motorna - Decoration school & studio. At the lecture she has shared the nuances of the theoretical study of colour and given listeners valuable practical pieces of advice. Taking a theoretical part of the colour study into account, it’s important to know that in addition to white and black there are only 3 pure colours (yellow, red, blue) and the rest can be produced by mixing these colours in different proportions. Practical pieces of advice were related to the psychological perception and practical use of the colour. For instance, white and grey colours relax the eye. It’s necessary to study not only the colour but also the identity of the person (who is going to live in this room) or the intended purpose of the room to create an “ideal” interior design.