Workshop by Olena Fatieeva at KIFF 2018

“We keep on voting for destroying of the city with our money” – this was the main idea of Olena Fatieeva’s workshop “Design: reliance on rent” at KIFF exhibition. Olena is the founder and head of design studio “Fateeva Design”.

She states that the majority of people use the following scheme: “I buy, decorate in a cheap way, give for rent for a handsome sum, and earn much!” This approach ruins charm and attractiveness of the city. During the lecture Olena offered some creative methods of solving this problem. Besides, she talked about such points as:

  • Giving interior for rent as the tendency of recent years;
  • Locations, budget and positioning;
  • Role of design in the success of a project;
  • Marketable project as a result.