Director of the company ARCHIMATIKA Oleksandr Popov delivered a speech at the largest building exhibition of Ukraine InterBuildExpo

The topic of the architect’s report was “Self-learning algorithm: a new tool or a new author”. Covering the theme of the report, Oleksandr Popov explained the essence of the PRO-flats concept, which lies in meeting the needs of each family in particular. It’s a new feature of flats, whereby each square meter is used differently depending on family type and lifestyle. “In the PRO-flats catalogue we used traditional clothes sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL” – Oleksandr Popov explained. XS stands for flats from 17m2 and M – for less than 72m2.

E.g.: A client is a young married couple without children but they are planning to have a baby. For such a family a flat is offered with the planning, which enables placing a baby cot or a bed for an older child without decrease in the level of comfort.